A Pause To Appreciate


We all have different things to be thankful for. The pilgrims, who gathered together in November of 1621, were glad to be alive after a harrowing first year in the New World. Their new friends the Wampanoag were thankful for the land and its bounty, an unspoiled place that still belonged to them. Though we seldom think about Thanksgiving from the Native American perspective, it should remind us all that what the things we love most can easily be lost.

Today, however, on this cool Sunday afternoon, washed clean with the rain, I don’t want to dwell on the negative. In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I’d like to express my thanks for the following:

For free speech in America, still unparalleled in the world.

For all the brilliant writers who have entertained and inspired me.

For the technology that has revolutionized publishing, and the opportunity to express myself as a writer.

For Linux and the free software that allows me to make the most of the creative process.

For lessening tensions between the US and Russia, and hope for lasting peace in the Middle East.

For Arizona, a place that brings together the best of urban life and the natural world.

For the many friends, colleagues and acquaintances over the years, with their different beliefs, faiths, and backgrounds, who have enriched my life.

For my loving family that accepts me despite my numerous quirks.

And for Arlys-Allegra, who is wonderful beyond words.

Life is good!