Memo To Social Justice Warriors: Bite Me


This is the Confederate Battle Flag. If I say I’m not posting this for racial reasons, would you believe me? Let me further state that as an anarchist, I don’t support any government, though it’s an indisputable fact that the people of the CSA had every right to secede from the USA, despite Lincoln’s nonsense about an Indivisible Union. It’s in the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, look it up. (Note to Jon Stewart: the Confederates did not make war on the Union, it was the other way around!)

I like the Confederate flag because it’s a symbol of rebellion, and of all the Southern rednecks who stubbornly cling to their way of life, in defiance of Yankee political correctness. But if you want to believe that this view makes me a racist, so be it.

But I absolutely am not aiming this at blacks. If you’re African American and this flag offends you, that’s unfortunate. I feel I must make a statement, one that is aimed at my fellow whites, in particular those brainwashed fools willing to sacrifice free speech for their vision of socialist egalitarian utopia.


By the way, here’s an even more offensive flag. This 38-star flag was flown by the US Cavalry during their relentless war of genocide on the Plains Indians. Many of the leaders of American forces were victorious Union generals such as Sherman and Sheridan, the latter who said, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead.”


Next is the flag flown by US forces in Vietnam, an intervention that cost the lives of at least 1.5 million Vietnamese. Recently released government records (again see book by Nick Turse) have shown that the My Lai Massacre was not an anomaly, but typical of US war strategy. How’s that for racist?


The next racist flag belongs to the nation that keeps the 1.8 million people of Gaza in a confinement very similar to that of Polish Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in the 1930’s. Israel is relevant because as our “ally,” its right-wing Zionist government receives billions of our tax dollars, with which it buys weapon to oppress the Palestinian Arabs. By the way, the Basic Laws of Israel are expressly racist, favoring Jews over all other Israeli citizens.

I could go on and on about the racism associated with various flags. That’s because no nation has a monopoly on evil. Unfortunately, suspicion and even hatred of people outside of our group is a part of our DNA. We can’t stamp it out, we can only suppress it, which is inherently dangerous. That’s why it’s a good thing that nuts like Dylann Roof have the right to express themselves freely – had anyone in that Charleston church been paying attention, they might not have welcomed this monster to their prayer meeting.


Finally, if I haven’t offended enough groups, here are is my rendition of the controversial state flag of Mississippi, which I have altered to commemorate the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. As I’ve said before, I have a soft spot in my heart for Southern rednecks, but if they can’t take a joke, they can bite me, too.

Note: Historical and population data from Wikipedia, flags courtesy of Wikimedia commons. These are all believed to be in the public domain. Permission to reuse my own derivative work, the Gay Mississippi flag, is hereby granted to everyone.


Je suis Dieudonné

I was one of many who were shocked and outraged when the French satirical paper Charlie Hedbo was attacked and twelve of its employees killed by alleged Islamic extremists. It was heartening to see thousands marching in solidarity with the slain journalists. Ironically, it was also an occasion for the French government to crack down on free expression, which they label as “hate speech.” One of their victims was the controversial African-French comic Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, who has in the past been convicted of “anti-semitism” and “making light of the Holocaust.” This time the charge is “condoning terrorism” because of a Facebook post he made sarcastically comparing himself to the gunman who, in solidarity with the Hedbo murderers, killed hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris.

I decided to check out Dieudonné’s comedy for myself. You-tube has many of his performances, some of which have English subtitles. Sorry, but the man is funny, and despite having made a few tasteless and intentionally shocking public remarks, I don’t believe he’s an anti-semite. His audience in the video was not full of radicalized Arabs; it looked predominantly white and French.

If you don’t mind very dark humor, and if you can laugh at yourself (he’s particularly harsh on Americans) I highly recommend it. One very edgy sketch had his Jewish-looking assistant Jacky dressed in Auschwitz-style pajamas; the point was to satirize President Hollande’s mandate that French schoolchildren study the lives of the French Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust. Call me cynical, but I believe Hollande is trying to whitewash the sins of the French government, particularly its support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and American atrocities in Syria and elsewhere. “We must not forget!” Dieudonné mocks. What we’re not supposed to remember is that it was the collaborators in the Vichy government who rounded up and deported French Jews before the Nazis even asked for them.

In “freedom loving” France, it’s dangerous even to support Dieudonné. An African footballer was suspended for copying the comedian’s satirical “quenelle” gesture which the French authorities have branded as a modified Nazi salute. Personally I hope to see Dieudonné team up with Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front (believe it or not, the two are friends) and send that politically-correct Marxist imbecile Hollande packing.


Man Up, Mr. Obama

Mr President, everybody is talking about your address to West Point graduates. Republicans and other neoconservatives are upset because you showed an insufficient degree of blood lust. Anti-interventionists like myself are upset because you persist in keeping America in its role of global policeman. I’m aware that you Democrats seem to have a psychological need to prove you’re as “tough” or more so than the Republicans. But why? Let me humbly offer a suggestion. You can be much tougher by doing a 180 degree turn and, in the manner of statesmen from George Washington to Robert Taft to Ron Paul, renounce foreign entanglements completely.

This is, after all, one of the main reasons the American people elected you in 2008, because we were already weary of George W Bush’s constant war-making and intrusions on our civil liberties. Not only that, but you promised us “one of the most transparent administrations ever.”

Here are my top 10 suggestions:

1. End all US military operations in the Islamic world, including support of rebels in Syria and the deployment of “advisers” in Afghanistan, thus removing a major motivation for terrorism.

2. Announce an end to the use of weaponized drones, with a pledge to never again to deploy them absent a Congressional declaration of war.

3. Issue sweeping restrictions on NSA spying, as required by the Bill of Rights.

4. Close Guantanamo – not just the prison, but the entire naval base, and hand it back to Cuba, as part of an unconditional normalization of relations with that country. Release all prisoners against whom the US has no evidence, which, according to terrorism experts, would be all but a handful.

5. Announce your intention to veto any extension of the USA PATRIOT Act or the NDAA.

6. Normalize relations with Iran, and end sanctions immediately in return for thorough and frequent inspections of nuclear facilities.

7. Issue executive pardons for Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and James Risen. Terminate any ongoing prosecutions of government whistle blowers.

8. End all US aid to and special bilateral agreements with the apartheid regime in Israel. Prohibit all US arms sales until illegal settlers are removed from Palestinian land. Alternatively, all Arabs, including those in the occupied territories and refugees living abroad, should be granted full rights and equal status with Jewish citizens.

9. Abandon the “Pivot to Asia.” Support negotiations between China and its neighbors to fairly divide claims to the Senkaku Islands and mineral rights in the South China sea.

10. End all sanctions against Russia and invite them to talks between the Kiev government and rebels in Donetsk and other Russian speaking areas. Support the notion of Ukraine as a neutral, decentralized buffer state with good relations with both Russia and the EU. Recognize the annexation of Crimea as consistent with Russia’s historic claims to the region.

Contrary to the assertions of the corporate-owned media, all of these actions would have substantial public support, some of them overwhelming majorities. I assure you that if you take even one of these actions, everyone, including Republicans, will have to admit you have the cojones. Furthermore, the United States would no longer be seen as the bully of the world, but would once again be “the shining light on the hill.”

Coming Clean – a Future History

Transcript of speech delivered in front of Chelsea Manning Monument at the International Truth Day celebration, September 11, 2026 in Washington City.

Friends, colleagues, distinguished guests, free people of America (pause for cheering) I stand before you in the company of giants, humbled by the immensity of the sacrifices others have made to restore this land to its former greatness. Though we are no longer one country but several, we are all still part of the same great nation.

Many of you, like me, are old enough to recall that day of infamy, September 11, 2001. Doubtless you remember where you were and what you were doing when the planes hit the Towers, bringing death to over three thousand innocents. Our so-called leaders laid the blame on a terrorist mastermind named Osama bin Laden. We accepted the invasion of Afghanistan, allegedly to capture him and avenge his victims. It would take decades for the lies to unravel and the real culprits to be brought to justice. By that time, the damage to the United States – its prosperity, freedom, and credibility – was nearly irreversible.

Initially, we mocked the minority who questioned the government’s explanation of the events of that day, and accepted that “national security” required permanent secrecy regarding every aspect of the “war on terror.” Yet there were those whose consciences forced them to act. A young soldier, known at that time as Bradley Manning, did his duty to inform the public about war crimes in Iraq, releasing a huge trove of classified information to Wikileaks. This was followed by Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations. Despite the horrific persecution of Manning and the pursuit of Snowden, others followed their example.

When an anonymous intelligence analyst released the 9/11 Files, many of us refused to believe them. There were skeptics even in the Truther community, because their theories about wing pods and nano-thermite were demolished. Yet the files proved that the attacks on the Towers and the Pentagon were orchestrated by a tiny cabal of intelligence insiders, including a former Vice President. How could we have been so small-minded, our imaginations so constrained, that we couldn’t conceive this possibility? Our own spies, unaccountable to any law or authority, had become as corrupt and ruthless as the Soviet KGB.

The Bible says, “The Truth will set you free.” But what is the cost of a lie? Many thousands of brave American service people died, some in battle, others by their own hands upon returning home to a government that refused to care for them. Over a million innocent Muslims were killed, including old men, women and children. We lost our civil liberties and privacy. Countless Americans were imprisoned or “disappeared” for daring to oppose the National Security State.

The revelations ended our complacency. In the beginning they brought not peace, “but a sword,” Riots broke out in all major cities. The President was removed from office – he was facing impeachment anyway – by a military coup. Tens of thousands were dragged from their homes to FEMA camps. It looked like the end of the American republic.

But from every evil there comes some good. In the late twenty-teens our civilian resistance was victorious. This was due in part to the brave men and women who mutinied or deserted their units rather than fire upon their fellow Americans. They had read the illegal leak websites, and no longer believed the lies of their commanders.

This ended the “War of Terror”, and forced the closure of American bases worldwide. So also ended the Apartheid State in Israel. When the crimes of the Mossad (and its political arm AIPAC) were revealed, not even Christian Zionists supported the anti-Palestinian regime. The House of Saud fell to a Shiite rebellion. And the mighty Federal Reserve? When we learned the secrets of the banking cartel, even Democrats agreed to end the Fed.

Gone now are Homeland Security and the alphabet agencies that once oppressed us: IRS, TSA, NSA, DEA and others. Most importantly, we have fulfilled Kennedy’s threat to the agency that killed him; it has been “scattered to the winds.”

Within the CIA archives, we discovered our nation’s true history. These have been published online, with only the personal information of individuals redacted. The revelations of dirty dealings by other governments have caused oppressed populations to rise up around the world. Even our earlier history his been revised. The monument behind me, formerly dedicated to the war criminal Lincoln, has been re-named for the first true hero of the twenty-first Century, Chelsea Manning.

At times I can scarcely believe how far we have come. Yesterday I boarded a plane without being X-rayed or scanned. I crossed international boundaries without undergoing a single search. With no time wasted in needless security, I arrived early enough to visit the Pentagon Peace Mall, where I saw happy children from many nations, riding the merry-go-rounds and roller coasters in the atrium of that former temple of death.

I do not claim that we have achieved utopia. There are a host of problems facing us, including the devastation of our recent civil war, and the flood of refugees from ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. Tens of millions of baby boomers, myself included, have lost our homes, savings and “social security” to the greed of the financial elite who have fled our nation with their ill-gotten gains. Since their crimes are public knowledge, other nations have begun to send them back, and we reclaim our property, dollar by dollar.

So today we celebrate the Truth and mourn those we have lost – the victims of the attacks 25 years ago, the casualties of the wars – American, Afghan, Libyan, Somali, and others – and the dead and missing from our own coup and rebellion. May the Higher Power, whatever you conceive it to be, bless our people, and may the light of Truth forever shine upon this nation.

(Applause, band plays “God Bless America.”)

Author’s Note: The preceding is fiction, of course, but who knows where the truth will lead us?

All Hail the Gostak!

Sometimes a story has a moral that sticks with you. One of these was “The Gostak and the Doshes,” written by Miles Breuer and published in Amazing Stories in 1930. I read it in my childhood (no, I’m not that old, it was in a collection of classics) and I’ve never forgotten it. It involved a man who journeyed to an alternate universe in which the nonsense phrase, “The gostak distims the doshes,” was a political slogan. People had such strong opinions about it, both pro and con, that it caused a war. Here is yet another example in which fiction is used to illustrate a fundamental truth.

I think of the Gostak and its well-distimmed doshes (the phrase was actually coined in 1903 by educator Andrew Ingraham as an example of English grammatical structure) every time I read a news story about some irrational lunacy. The latest was when I heard that Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network over rumors that she’d used the infamous N-word many years ago in the South. Never mind that she’s not accused of harming anyone; apparently uttering an offensive word is not forgivable, even after multiple public apologies. Yet when a President tells lies, commits war crimes, and violates the Constitutional rights of the American people, his successor refuses to prosecute him, saying, “Let’s look forward, not back.” In my opinion, this attitude would be more appropriate in Paula Deen’s case.

I’m not just talking about this country’s obsession with political correctness. This has been going on for a long time. When a protester burns the American flag, the conservatives act as if the country itself has been attacked. If a redneck hoists the Confederate flag, the liberals treat him like he’s a member of the KKK with multiple lynchings to his credit.

One of the most idiotic examples of the phenomenon was the controversy that erupted a few years ago when Arizona voters rejected a state-sponsored Martin Luther King holiday. Immediately we were painted as Lester Maddox-type racists, and the NFL decided we couldn’t have the Superbowl. Never mind that there were had been two competing MLK holiday ballot propositions, which split the vote causing neither to win. Eventually the legislature enacted the holiday anyway, but the “racist” stain stuck with our state, despite the fact that the holiday didn’t do a single thing for our black citizens, unless of course they were public employees. It didn’t create jobs, it didn’t improve education, and it didn’t end racial profiling by the police.

The Gostak Effect, as I like to call it, isn’t confined to Americans. In Afghanistan, when there were rumors of the American occupiers desecrating copies of the Koran, the people rioted. An offense against this symbol of the faith was more egregious than actual violations of the Koran’s precepts (for example, the killing of innocent Afghans by the invaders.) China tolerates Taiwan’s de facto independence, but if Taipei ever made an official declaration, Beijing would be across the strait in an instant, the Taiwanese-American alliance be damned. In the Middle East, much of the Israeli-Palestine conflict centers around demands that the Palestinians accept Israel, not just as a legitimate state but as an explicitly Jewish state.

Why do people act this way? My guess is that it’s an inherent intellectual laziness we humans have. It’s a lot easier to react to a shibboleth than actually investigate a person’s character. Also, it’s a handy way for politicians and other “leaders” to instigate mobs to do their bidding – and then deny their malevolent intent when things get out of hand.

I guess there are two morals to this story: (1) people are highly irrational about their symbols, and (2) if somebody tells you that the gostak distims the doshes, you don’t dispute them; you just say, “When? And how many?”